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Collaborations with festivals and companies

Breathing Art Mandala is creating a package together with festivals and companies to support tropical reforestation through the idea of carbon dioxide compensation and by adding value to the festival through the nature mandalas.

Festivaali- ja yritysyhteistyö

Breathing Art Mandala on parhaillaan luomassa pakettia yhdessä festivaalien ja yritysten kanssa trooppisen metsityksen tukemiseen, hiilidioksidipäästöjen kompensoinnin idealla sekä tuomalla luontomandalan osaksi festivaalia.


CCC19 – conference

Breathing Art Mandala has been accepted as a participant to Climate Change & Consciousness: Our Legacy for the Earth in Findhorn, Scotland in April 2019:


Climate Change & Consciousness: Our Legacy for the Earth, April 20-26 2019, will be a collaborative and participatory investigation into how we can steward a sustainable future on what has already become a radically changed planet Earth. We have travelled to this ‘new’ planet on a burst of carbon dioxide. A new planet requires new ways of living.

The conference will bring together eminent scientists, wisdom keepers, business people, activists, artists, entrepreneurs, young people and others, to envision and begin to inhabit our joint future. It will be an international, inter-generational and multi-disciplinary gathering. This is the principle of ‘the big tent‘, borrowed from party politics, whereby diverse viewpoints, backgrounds and interests (the ‘voices in the room’) are brought together to engage and dialogue. (


CCC19 – konferenssi

Breathing Art Mandala on kutsuttu osallistujaksi Climate Change & Consciousness – Our Legacy For the Earth – konferenssiin Findhornissa, Skotlannissa huhtikuussa 2019.


Nature Mandala in Suryalila, Spain 2018

Nature mandala’s making had been a vision for a year. It was an ever changing process these weeks, with the elements. Every day sun dried it out and wind changed the features, so it was also reborn every day. Gratitude to Suryalila centre for allowing the creation of the mandala on the site.


Luontomandala Suryalilassa, Espanjassa 2018

Suuren luontomandalan tekeminen oli ollut haaveissa vuoden ajan. Prosessi oli alituisesti muuttuva ja luonnonelementtien vaikutuksessa arvaamaton näiden viikkojen aikana! Joka päivä aurinko kuivatti sen uuteen uskoon ja tuuli lennätti osasia pois yön aikana, joten mandala syntyi uudelleen joka päivä. Kiitoksia Suryalila, oli ihanaa tehdä mandalaa teidän maillanne.


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