Breathing Art Mandala is a multi-leveled artistic collaboration in support of environmental projects. The purpose is to support tropical reforestation and nature-based feminine leadership through TreeSisters and Samay -organizations. Mandala aims to fund 100 000 trees to the tropics within next 5 years.

The Mandala Inquiries (part of Breathing Art Mandala) is a podcast series of interviews with artists about their artworks. Participating artists are creating new art for this purpose or dedicating already existing artwork. Practically, for every artist minimum 108 trees will be planted to the tropical forests.

The Mandala Inquiries -podcasts are located in The Mandala Inquiries -page in this website. From time to time in podcasts will also appear specialists on other fields of life: for example biologists, futurologists, mandala experts etc.

 Breathing Art Mandala contains also yearly created nature mandala, which is based on deep listening, silence and the values that we (the creators of it) believe are needed in today’s world. First mandala has been realized in Spain 2018, pictures of it are located in  News -page.

 The trees are funded by our support circle and planted through TreeSisters and Samay organizations. Breathing Art Mandala is a project of a Finnish artist called Raila Mar and Breathing Art Mandala Grove ry (a non-profit organization). More works: railamar.net  The environmental projects in co-operation: TreeSisters: treesisters.org, Samay: http://www.stichtingsamay.nl


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