The Mandala Inquiries: Kirstine Hurtigkarl



Kirstine Hurtigkarl is an artist, painter, and one of the original people living in Christiania, the legendary self-sustained free city of 800 people, inside Copenhagen, Denmark. Kirstine has always been drawing, painting and creating art and in this interview we talk about her painting, which tells a story of a huge fire ceremony for bringing collective together and shifting it’s energy towards a lighter way of togetherness – through letting go of what needs to be released and welcoming the new cycle. More of Kirstine’s works in Instgram by name Kirstine Hurtigkarl. Listen to the interview below:




Kirstine Hurtigkarl: ”Cermoni”





Breathing Art Mandala thanks Kirstine and plants 108 tropical trees through TreeSisters!


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