The Mandala Inquiries: Johan Tino Frederiksen

Next guest in The Mandala Inquiries is Johan Tino Frederiksen from Copenhagen, Denmark. The project we are discussing is called Tinkuy.

Tinkuy offers a breathing space in the heart of the city and serves as a point of focus for aligning with your natural self. The supporting structure that is offered to the members consist of daily and weekly activities with meditation, yoga, movement, music and workshops. The trustbased community that is formed is one of the ways in which the future society manifests itself. Here you will find Tinkuy’s homepage. Monthly membership in Tinkuy is 216 kr (28,95 euros) and with that members can use services and resources in the center – in the center nothing is about money. The business model is healthy and different from a usual type. Tinkuy is inspired by nature’s fractal structures, which is one answer to the current system failure in our society.

Johan Tino Frederiksen is a co-founder and daily leader of the spiritual fitnesscenter Tinkuy. He has  – since an experience of awakening in the year 2000 – been devoting his time and energy to co-creating the psychological and social structures that will anchor our birth right, i.e. heaven on earth, in our minds, bodies and hearts. Listen to the interview below:




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Breathing Art Mandala plants 108 trees to the tropics and thanks from the heart Johan and Tinkuy community people!

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