The Mandala Inquiries: Allan Jorch Dehn Kristensen

First artist of The Mandala Inquiries is Allan Jorch Dehn Kristensen from Denmark. His art piece is a text on a background with technical measures that are aligned with Mandala’s number of trees per artist: 108.

”There are a few subtle references in the making of the image. They all relate to the number 108, by being whole numbers when you divide them by 108 or divide 108 by them. The larger than 108 and smaller than 108 respectively. The image height is 1728, the image width is 1296, the font size is 27, the opacity of the circle is 18 and the opacity of the spiral is 9. The modified time of the file is today at 01:08. I’m not sure though, if that will persist when downloading and uploading. Interestingly enough, the name of the font used is ”Caveat”. What that signifies, I don’t know :-)”





c Allan Jorch Dehn Kristensen

The interview with Allan Jorch Dehn Kristensen will follow later on – when the mandala moment is right.




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